Stage 5 (Final)

I highlighted the armour with squig orange using a detail brush and painting small lines on the raised areas and edges. I painted the eyes green using a detail brush again. I highlighted the yellow with a pale yellow and highlighted the metal parts and black areas with boltgun metal.


Stage 4

I highlighted the armour with pure wazdakka red. I then painted over the brown with a yellowy brown. For the gun I painted I used an ultramarine blue on the frame and a mix of tin bitz and boltgun metal in the metal parts. The gun holster and knife cover at his sides I painted scorched brown. The skull on his forehead was given a coat of screaming skull.


Stage 3

I mixed khorne red and wazdakka red in a 50/50 ration and thined it down with some water then painted it over the basecoat. I then painted brown on shoulder edges, eagle motif and skull, and blue on the bolter gun frame as a basecoat, and tidied up the black areas such as the mouth area.