Rivendell Knights (other side)

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6 thoughts on “Rivendell Knights (other side)

  1. Hello, Yes I will do my best. I will give the colours I used and then the name of the Games Workshop paint next to it in brackets.
    First I started with a black undercoat.
    To do the armour I painted each armour piece a dull silver (Leadbelcher) I then gave it a wash of black (Nuln Oil). When I do washes I add some flow enhancer to them to make them run better and not get so many tide marks. Finally I highlighted the armour with a light silver (Ironbreaker) by carefully applying the paint to the edges of the armour running the brush along the raised areas.
    To do the grey cloaks I made a mix of blue/grey (The Fang) with Black (Abaddon Black) in about a 50/50 ratio and painted it on. I then gave it a thin wash with black (Nuln Oil) again I used flow enhancer and water to thin it down. I then painted back over the raised areas with the same blue/grey mix but with a little water added to thin the paint. I finally highlighted by just painting thin lines along the edges of the cloaks and clothes using a light blue/grey (Russ Grey)
    The Brown cloaks were done in a similar way using dark brown (Rhinox Hide) washed with thin black (Nuln Oil) coverered the raised areas again in thin dark brown (Rhinox Hide) and highlighted with a light brown (Doombull Brown)

    • Hi. The horses were painted mainly with Games Workshop “white range” They were first given two basecoats of Celestra Grey which had been thinned with a little water. I then layered over this in stages. So first I mixed Celestra Grey with Ulthuan Grey in about a 50:50 ratio and thinned it a little then painted it on everywhere but the deep recesses. I then layered a thin Ulthuan Grey over that. Then some Ulthuan Grey mixed with White scar and finally some White scar(again thinned like always) in the highest raised areas.
      Once I had done this I painted black all the other areas of the horse such as the mane, reins, saddle, tail, eyes and hooves. The mane and tail were painted grey and highlighted with a lighter grey, the reins and saddle a dark brown by just running the brush over leaving a black line in the shadowy parts and then hightlighted by just a thin line of lighter brown on the edges. The metal parts were painted in silver and the eyes detailed in. Finally the spots were just painted on randomly with a thin grey.

      Hope this all helps.

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