Step by step Von Drakk face from Super Dungeon Explore Von Drakk Manor


This follows a similar process to the Sister if Light so I will just give a brief summary of the process. The skin is painted with Dheneb Stone. I then highlighted it by mixing the Dheneb stone with white. I then painted the eye areas light grey then filled them in with white. I tidied up the messy areas and painted on the eyebrows then then painted the teeth with screaming skull. Finally I painted black lines above and below the eyes and dotted the pupil.

Here is the finished Von Drakk



Step by step Sister of Light face from Super Dungeon Explore Von Drakk Manor


To begin with I primed the model with a black spray and then painted a thinned Bugmans Glow over the skin areas. This would be completely covered up but it was just to give the skin colour a bit of foundation. I then painted over the foundation with a coat of Dwarf Flesh (this is an old Games Workshop colour, I believe it is still available from Coat d arms). I then repeated this for full coverage. The highlight on the skin was added by mixing some Dwarf Flesh with white and highlighting the raised areas. 

The eye areas were painted with a light grey which I then went over twice with thinned white. I painted a blue “tick” on each eye then mixed some of the blue with a lighter blue and added it to the lower areas of the “ticks”.

I then tidied up the rough areas with black and also painted in the eyebrows. For the mouth I painted it a dark red and the teeth were painted a bone colour. Finally I painted the horizontal black lines of the eyes in first then the vertical sides before lastly painting a black line along the top of the tick and adding a dot of black in the centre of the eye.

Here is the almost finished miniature.


How to paint a Rattle Bones from Super Dungeon Explore Von Drakk Manor


1. I started of with a black primer which was applied by spray can.

2. For the base coat I used Games Workshops Zandri Dust. I mixed some of the paint with a little water (about 70% paint 30% water) and applied to the bone areas. I was careful to leave black areas in the recesses such as the eye sockets, nose and between ribs. If you make a mistake and go over some of these areas you can always black it in with some black paint.

3. As the first coat was quite patchy I then applied a second coat of the same thinned Zandri Dust to give better coverage.

4. I then thinned some Ushabti Bone with water in the same way I did before and layered it on. By layering I mean I applied a coat on top of the base coat but not in areas of the model where there were subtle recesses (not as clear as the areas I left black) and shadows


5. I touched up my layering to make sure it wasn’t patchy. This was just done by applying more of the Ushabti Bone over what I had already done

6 I then applied a highlight to the bone colour. I did this by mixing Screaming Skill with some pure White in a ratio of about 75% Screaming Skull and 25% pure white. I then thinned this with some water as before. I then layered this paint on the areas that stood out such as the edges of the skull and joints – anywhere where the bone seemed raised. I also applied it to the teeth using a smaller brush. 

7. I painted the trouser scorched brown then mixed this with a little screaming skull to create I highlight and layered it on the raised areas

8. For the glowing eyes I first painted them all with Warboss green. The the ends with Skarsnik Green and finally added a little dot of rotting flesh which is a very pale green.