How to paint a Rattle Bones from Super Dungeon Explore Von Drakk Manor


1. I started of with a black primer which was applied by spray can.

2. For the base coat I used Games Workshops Zandri Dust. I mixed some of the paint with a little water (about 70% paint 30% water) and applied to the bone areas. I was careful to leave black areas in the recesses such as the eye sockets, nose and between ribs. If you make a mistake and go over some of these areas you can always black it in with some black paint.

3. As the first coat was quite patchy I then applied a second coat of the same thinned Zandri Dust to give better coverage.

4. I then thinned some Ushabti Bone with water in the same way I did before and layered it on. By layering I mean I applied a coat on top of the base coat but not in areas of the model where there were subtle recesses (not as clear as the areas I left black) and shadows


5. I touched up my layering to make sure it wasn’t patchy. This was just done by applying more of the Ushabti Bone over what I had already done

6 I then applied a highlight to the bone colour. I did this by mixing Screaming Skill with some pure White in a ratio of about 75% Screaming Skull and 25% pure white. I then thinned this with some water as before. I then layered this paint on the areas that stood out such as the edges of the skull and joints – anywhere where the bone seemed raised. I also applied it to the teeth using a smaller brush. 

7. I painted the trouser scorched brown then mixed this with a little screaming skull to create I highlight and layered it on the raised areas

8. For the glowing eyes I first painted them all with Warboss green. The the ends with Skarsnik Green and finally added a little dot of rotting flesh which is a very pale green.


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